About US

860 Finances & Credit LLC was founded by Eunice Velez. Eunice is a mother of two and at one point her credit was very poor. Due to life circumstances her credit and finances took a hit. One day Eunice decided that she had had enough and was going to change her failures into lessons. She noticed her community was also suffering from lack of opportunities for the same circumstances she had gone through. Eunice took a leap of faith and decided to help open the opportunity gates by helping repair, restore their credit and educate them about the importance of credit . Her goal is to help as many people across the US achieve their goals with the help of 860 Finances & Credit LLC.

Learn More About Our Services

Credit Analysis

Receive a detailed credit analysis. This step will be the key factor in customizing a course of action to target negative factors and help with creating positive credit factors.

Expert Consultation

A credit repair expert will consult clients with all their credit and financial needs.

Set Milestones

860 Finances & Credit LLC goal is to have everyone who joins our program to have the ability to achieve all their goals due to achieving credit worthy status.